Sant Miquel del Fai Waterfall – 1hr 9 mins

Monasterio de Sant Miquel del Fai, Sant Feliu de Codines, 08182, Barcelona, Spain​



} 10hrs - 17hrs (subject to change)

​Monasterio de Sant Miquel del Fai, Sant Feliu de Codines, 08182, Barcelona, Spain​
83.8 km from Sitges near Barcelona, 1 hour 9 mins​​ on C-32 (map)

  • Romanesque Bridge
  • Cave of  “Les Tosques”
  • 100m+ highWaterfall
  • Medieval Abbey of Sant Miquel del Fai
    (cut into mountainside)
  • Romanesque ‘Sant Martí’ Chapel
    (only one in Catalonia: built inside a grotto)
  • 15th century Gothic-style Priory House
    (exhibition gallery and restaurant)
  • In valley ‘vall del Tenes’
  • Romanesque Bridge/Picnic area/Playground

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