Terramar Racetrack Sitges

C-246a, km.39 Sitges

Terramar Racetrack Autodrome Tour

The amazing speedway track in Sitges, abandoned since the 30’s, with steep banks originally for Grand Prix Racing

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The “Autòdrom de Terramar” is a racetrack inaugurated on October 28th, 1923, and it is the only early 20th Century car-racing track that still survives in its entirety. It was part of the garden-city designed by architect Francesc Armengol in Sitges between 1920 and 1930. Amongst other races that were held on this track, is the “First International Spanish Grand Prix”.

Terramar Racetrack Sitges

There are occasional tours available (eg. On July 28th 2013)

Departure from: the Sitges Garrofer Camping roundabout, C-246a, Km. 39. 11:00h
Approx. duration 2 h.

Languages: Catalan- Spanish (Minimum 5 people)

Price: 12 € / person (Children under 12 free) Must be booked in advance

Ticket sales & reservations: Sitges Tourist Information Office. Pl. Eduard Maristany, 2

Info: 93 894 42 51 – www.sitgestur.catinfo@sitgestur.cat o 619 793 199 – ww.agisitges.cat

Sitges L’ Autrodrom De Terramar

About the Racetrack

Please ask for permission before visiting the site independently (autodromoterramar@gmail.com)
Location :
Opposite Rotonda Càmping Garrofer and Behind the Urbanization called Rocamar
C-246a, km.39

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L’ Autrodrom De Terramar : Sitges Terramar : An official Sitges local landmark

A stunning concrete racetrack from the 20’s with sweeping corners stretching upto 100 meters from their base into the sky. In great condition considering its around 90 years age, since being built in 1923

Location: Sitges – North Western Outskirts (Approx 35 km22 miles from Barcelona, Catalonia)

Nearest Road: C31 (c-248a) that leads from Sitges to Vilanova/Sant Pere de Ribes

Nearest Urbanization: Behind ‘Rocamar’

Construction Date: 1922

Build Time: 300 days

Cement Used: 3.5 million kilograms (7.7 million pounds) Approx

Opened: October 28 1923

Track Type: Concrete Oval (long kidney-shaped)

Track Length: 2km (1.25 miles)

Track Width: Varying from 18 to 22 m

Banking on Corners: 60 degrees, Interior radius of 100 m (NASCAR = 36)

Builders: Autodromo Nacional, S.A

Founded By: Frick Amangue

Architects: Jaume Mestres i Fossas (track) – Josep Maria Martino (facilities). It was completed in

Cost: 4 million pesetas or £20k/24k€ (at 1999 1 euro = 166.386 pesetas rate)


First Meeting: Gran Premio d’España

(in tandem with Circuito Lasarte, near San Sebastián)

October 28 1923

(first Spanish Grand Prix race since 1913 in Madrid)

Cars: Seven 2-litre GP racing cars

Results: 5 cars completed 200 laps

Winner: Albert Divo (Sunbeam)

Winning Time: 2 hours, 33 minutes and 50 seconds (race data)

Average Speed: 155.89 kph (96.91 mph)

Second: Count Louis Zborowski (Miller 122)

Second Time: 34 minutes and 46 seconds (56 seconds longer!)

Builders reportably seized the spectators/gate entrance fees, for upaid construction bills (caused by overuns)

International Races abandoned as drivers weren’t paid prize money & claims of poor design (bankings approach and exit dangerous)

The late 20’s was a difficult financial period for the world and, reportably, as Edgard de Morawitz did not support Franco usage could reportably caused serious reprisals.

1925: Some races by Catalunyan Automobile Club and the Penya Rhin

1929: Sold to Edgard de Morawitz (after previous owners bankrupsy)

1932: Spanish motorcycling championship

1950s: Handful of motor races (le Volta a Catalunya)

1955: Last race on May 29th

2009: Cleanup of track (used as a chicken farm)

2012: Current owner – Marcel Ricart

Future: Some plans to creation of “L’Autodrom Resort by Salvador Mora i Lluma, a relative of the owners


  • Tire treads marks in cement, no-doubt from Dunlop, Michelin and Firestone (so keen, before it dried!)
  • Sheds used by racers, enc Bugatti and Hispano-Suiza)
  • 17th Century Building, used as the clubhouse and now home to Marcel Ricart (when not in Barcelona)
  • 15th Century Defensive Watch-tower with drawbridge
  • Big ‘Grandstand’
  • The infield (central area) Airfield has been replaced by a Chicken Farm

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Most B&W photos (original 1920s) by Ludvigsen

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