1853 Chapel & Campdasens 11th Century Tower

Ctra. Barcelona a Calafell

Can Amell Tower

‘Can Amell Tower’ (N 41 15 03 E 01 52 32) Elevation: 191 m.
Houses, Can Robert (right) and Can Fontanilles (left)

Can Amell – Campdàsens: 1.1 km

Can Amell Tower

Campdàsens is mentioned in old documents in 11th Century (41.260626,1.878941)

A great drive 25 mins from Sitges, taking in the coast road, cement factory, semi scary winding road and Sitges History, with the oldest documented Sitges dwellings.

Better than staying in and waching telly!

(Directions : Carretera de Barcelona a Valls/C-31 11.5 km, 25 mins)
Note: Not the current church/battlements)

sitges Campdasens


Campdàsens (N 41 15 37 E 01 52 43)
The small 1853 built nineteenth century chapel, with two bells in it’s small belfry. First Sunday of July, the festival of Campdàsens with wild boars in the area.

Campdàsens ready to dedicate a little more precisely in the church, following the line of a brief tour of our churches Sitges.

Campdàsens eleventh century (Campus asinorum) Royal property/land (Bernat de Centelles & Bernat de Fonollar)

Campdàsens – Can Planes: 3.3 km.


Can Planes

Farmhouse (called Font de Gallina) with 13th century tower (or earlier) for defense integrated into Campdàsens.

Can Planes (N 41 16 09/01 52 E 22)

Torre Can Planes Tower


  • Peter the ceremonious of Aragon
  • 1385 King Pedro of Aragon to brother Bernard of Fonollar
  • Successor, John, Sold to Alms Pia in 1390.
  • 1686 church of the diocese Campdàsens founded (No remains left)
    Priest residing in the adjoining house & teacher to children throughout the region neighboring the mountain.
  • 1853 present church built thanks to Francis and Robert Batlle father Dr. Robert Bartholomew, owner and heir to the land and can Campdàsens Llussà
    House/rectory, the priest destined for the accommodation.

Feel free to help us understand the dates nd events better!


Take the road opposite the Cement Factory at Vallcarca, on the main C-31’Barcelona to Sitges Coast Road’ (N 41 14 27 01 51 47). It takes you under the road & railway into the Cement factory district. Pass onto a round-a-bout and towards the actual Cement Quarries some locally from 1901 (the other road is resticted and gives access to the motorway from both sides. For Toll & maintainance.).

Almost immediately a road under the C-32 signposted Áridos Uniland SA goes off to the right (N 41 14 35/01 51 35). It is a narrow rising road, winding up the side of the hill, with a sign to Campdàsens and a steep drop. Paved and not for the faint hearted, but fine for most (N 41 14 59/01 51 53 E).

The festival of Campdàsens

First Sunday of July
Celebrated by the ‘Friends of Campdàsens’

Speech of the party, By Joan Tutusaus and Martin, editor and Radio announcer Maricel connoisseur our solid as evidenced by its book “Rock Garraf” Reading the poem “Campdàsens, joy and memory “and its author Julius Delclòs Aegean.
Performances of Colla Vella stick, The pipers of the silo and Dance Tapes of the Association of dances Sitges, accompanied by School Grallers Sitges. And everybody dance! While be served freshly cocktail of champagne, JOSE DELGADO engrescarà the audience to participate in a lively dance.

Mass in the chapel dedicated to the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, at half past nine o’clock. The priest held in Sitges Garraf Pausas and Father Joseph Mas bear with in-g enthusiast who was president of Friends Garraf Juan Ferrer and Magrans
Panels and his wife Toni Fields. Blessing of the flag of Friends Garraf sponsored by Alba Rosell and Sanchez, who will present the MASS OUT with the performance of
League Old Bastoners Sitges The pipers of the silo. VENDA bags of herbs Garraf
memories of the festival and tickets to the deaf TEIG the original painting that Merce Sella illustrates the cover of the program. IDA Can Lluçà. Brotherhood Breakfast, around the house.

1. – You can visit the “Maset of Campdàsens “which will remain open during celebration.
2. – It is requested that after breakfast we collect their waste. There will be two
containers, one organic and the other for debris waste. Thank you.


Excerpt from an article by George and Surià Guillaumes.
Robert Casas, Pilar. Campdàsens a long history. El Eco de Sitges 23.VI.1990
Robert Casas, Pilar. Dr.. Robert and Campdàsens. El Eco de Sitges 15.VII.1995
Muntaner, Ignacio Ma. Proclamation of the party Campdàsens 2006. El Eco de Sitges 8.VII.2006
Tailor Tutusaus, Hyacinthus. Formation of the old file Campdàsens. El Eco de Sitges, 30.VI.1979

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